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Eric Bell Panoramic Photo Poster
20cms x 60 cms
£15.00 plus postage
Signed and dedicated


Taken as the main backdrop for the 'Exile album, this photo was taken by Aidan O'Rourke on the mystical escarpment of Alderley Edge, in Cheshire.


Eric Bell's Legendary Fender Strat
Immortalised in Colour Photo and Oil Print by Shaun Keefe
42 cms x 32 cms
Ideal for framing or for gift
Signed and dedicated
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Signed and Dedicated - Ideal for Framing, or for gifts
20 cms x 60 cms and 42 cms x 30 cms
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Eric Bell Exile Album on Green Vinyl
Signed and dedicated
£20.00 plus postage


Eric's landmark solo album of 2016, which hit the top 20 of the Amazon Rock and Blues albums.
It features Eric's heartfelt tribute to his friend, Gary Moore; 'Song for Gary'.

Eric Bell
Live in Sweden DVD
£15.00 plus postage


Eric's blockbusting gig at the 2016 Sweden Rock Festival, where he played 'Whiskey in the Jar', 'The Rocker' and many rock and blues classics.


Narrated by Eric Bell, this signed CD audiobook details his fond personal memories of the formation and music of one of the greatest bands in history.

Includes narrated extracts from Eric's official autobiography, along with additional interviews.

£15.00 plus postage

Eric Bell Remembering

SIGNED HARDBACK of 'Eric Bell Remembering. Before, During and After Thin Lizzy'

Many years in the writing, this astonishing autobiography, available in paperback and audiobook, penned and narrated by Eric Bell himself, charts the life of one of the most iconic and influential guitarists in contemporary music.

Starting with his early life, details of which few people have ever had access to, this moving autobiography reveals Eric's discovery of music and chronicles the influences that were responsible for his enduring love of the guitar. His journey culminated in the the creation of one of the most loved and successful rock bands in history.

The book details landmark relationships with Van Morrison along with many other legendary musicians. Eric talks about his life-long friendship with Gary Moore and takes you through a moment by moment account of the night that Thin Lizzy was born. Eric remembers a whole world of experiences with Philip and Brian as they planned to take over the world!

Eric shines a light on the chaotic yet meteoric rise of Thin Lizzy with sensational previously unheard stories of life on the road and in the studio. This autobiography uncovers the triumphs and the tragedies that accompanied Eric along the way, and the personal toll that they took, resulting in his dramatic and climactic exit from the band on New Years Eve 1973.

For the first time Eric discloses the struggles in the years that followed and recounts more staggering stories of life on the road in the USA with Jimi Hendrix's bassist Noel Redding.

Eric pulls no punches on telling the truth about the good and the bad times.

This emotionally charged and absorbing autobiography is a true and moving testimony of a giant amongst guitarists.

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