Keep On Making It Wonderful - album by Pete Eavers

Pete Eavers' new CD 'Keep On Making It Wonderful'

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About Pete Eavers

Manchester born and bred singer-songwriter Pete Eavers, had followed a successful path into the music business, before years spent as a vocational force for educational strategy in the North West and Scotland. However, life-changing family tragedy, with the loss of his beautiful wife, Caroline, inspired a return to his music making in a powerful new album, 'Keep on Making It Wonderful'.

Produced by Thin Lizzy founder, Eric Bell's producer, Andy Quinn, 'Keep on Making it Wonderful' was recorded at Edge Recording Studios, Cheshire, and is released on 13 October 2018 through Of The Edge Productions.

The album, with intensely moving tracks such as 'If You Possibly Can', and 'One More Day', is a stirring and poignant, but also uplifting, inspirational and at times light-hearted reflection on the reality and rawness of living with the inevitability of loss, but also the ultimate search for healing through an unrelenting focus on positivity and hope.

Real life intensity is the common thread through all the songs with 'If I Hadn't Found Out', and 'Better Think Again' focusing on the painful impact of infidelity. 'Better Think Again' features a spine-tingling vocal lead by singer, Charlotte Coldrick, and other stand out lead vocalists, alongside Pete himself, are Lydia Eavers, Mary Ellis and Donna Kiernan.

'She Gets Lost' is a highly charged and searing personal account of the symptoms and traumas associated with Alzheimer’s; Pete’s mum suffered from this awful disease and passed away at the end of 2017.

Pete says, 'Music has been the driving force behind how I have responded to the life changing experiences that have come my way. I know so many people have faced the same kind of situations I have, and I hope that the songs will connect with them and also offer, where needed, a light at the end of the tunnel'.

Though many of the songs deliver hard hitting lyrics with plaintive melodies reminiscent of the Carole King/James Taylor collaborations, many are also full on, full rock band, big, inspirational and uplifting tracks. 'Bright Side of The Sun' is an upbeat celebration of the birth of his eldest daughter, and 'You're Here', and title track 'Keep On Making it Wonderful' are rousing epic examples of the healing and hope that Pete has sought and ultimately found, and feature heart-warming performances by the children of St John Fisher Primary School, Denton.